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What's Included

24/7 Access to Our Providers

Outside of office hours you will have direct phone numbers to text or call for answers to urgent situations.  Scheduled Telemedicine Office Visits

Longer office visits

We reserve longer slots for DPC patients to address all of your needs, review meds, explain labs, etc

Annual Physical Exam

Includes longer more detailed exams.  EKG, CXR, Audiology, Pulmonary Functions, Routine PE labs.

Reduced Laboratory Costs

Negotiated significantly reduced rates on Laboratory Tests.  Savings as much as 80-90%.

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In-office Procedures

X-rays/ Joint or Tendon Injections/ Skin Biopsies, Cryotherapy, or Excisions/ Fracture Casting/ Laceration Repair/ IV Fluids and/or Antibiotics 

No Administrative Costs

No charges for Prior Authorizations, or other administrative burdens placed on us because of your insurance company.

Cosmetic Procedures

Save 20% off all in-office Cosmetic Procedures: Botox, Xeomin, Belotero, Radiesse, Sclerotherapy, in-office surgical procedures.

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