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What is Direct Primary Care (DPC)?

The best way to

receive healthcare

It is a membership-based relationship with a medical practice and their patients.  We are not a concierge-type practice, but we act like one to your benefit.  We are a practice working on YOUR behalf to find you the highest quality care for the best value.  For a monthly fee you’ll receive excellent care and greater access to care, with multiple tests and procedures all included.  

This is for those that value their health and are tired of paying too much for insurance.  This is for those who value direct communication with an Emergency Room Physician.  Our Plan provides patients with high quality care, preventative health services, management of chronic conditions, and Urgent Care.  Nearly 90% of patients can be treated successfully in a primary care setting.


not insurance-centered...

This is not an insurance plan, but it can be used alone, or combined with a catastrophic insurance policy for optimal coverage. Over time, you can save thousands of dollars on your healthcare costs by moving away from expensive insurance plans.  By choosing Vickery Direct Care, your patient-centered, not insurance-centered, medical home will be more affordable than ever. 

Youtube Videos Explaining Direct Primary Care

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